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GM Cronnie Cabatingan is the grandmaster of Philippine Kutsilyo Cebu Federation, Inc. – also known as Kutsilyo Cebu.

Who is Cronnie Cabatingan?

He is the student and nephew of both Lucrecio Albano and Gregorio Ceniza, who were then knife fighting masters in Cebu.

Why is the name Kutsilyo Cebu?

This art or knife fighting system has always been known by the early students of Gregorio Ceniza as kutsilyo. Kutsilyo is the Cebuano word for knife. The word can be spelled kuchilyo, kutselyo, or any other spelling as long as it may sound similar; and it would mean the same thing – that is knife. We are not a writing culture from the start. And until now, we hardly have the same spelling for many Cebuano words. Cebuano as a language is never taught in our schools.

So during those days, students will just say: “toun ta ug kutsilyo.” Meaning let us study knife (knife fighting)”. Simply it is a local term for knife. It was not a name of their group actually. They don’t need to. Their knife fighting system is known by the name of the person teaching them – the masters’ name. There was no branding. The only thing that matters for them was to learn from those masters.

Now – since branding has been a thing of the present and we have to ride along with the changes of the times. So Grandmaster Cronnie Cabatingan with friends decide to call the system Kutsilyo Cebu – and its official name is Philippine Kutsilyo Cebu Federation, Inc.

And for the sake of branding – they decide to stick with one Cebuano spelling of the word for knife; and that is kutsilyo. Then they add Cebu, to remember those masters who originally were from Cebu, Philippines.

Hence – comes the name Kutsilyo Cebu.

If there has been a name that comes before Kutsilyo Cebu. Then let it be. And we don’t mind.

There are 3 things we know though of Kutsilyo Cebu:

  1. That there are two guys in Kutsilyo Cebu who are directly the students of Ingko Gorio (Gregorio Ceniza); they are Cronnie Cabatingan and Venson Villamala.
  2. That both students have known Ingko Gorio and Manong Okit. In fact, Manong Okit gave the admittance to both students to study the art from Ingko Gorio.
  3. All we know is that the present bearer for the art after the two elders is Cronnie Cabatingan. And He is now the Grandmaster of Kutsilyo Cebu.